Fitness & Performance

Our Fitness & Performance Program is for those committed to health, fitness, and training. This option provides a higher calorie meal program to help sustain your energy throughout the day, reduce body fat and provide you with a fully balanced meal program.

  • GOAL: Fitness, Build Lean Muscle Mass, Weight Management
  • SPECIALTY: Structured Higher-Calorie Menu for Training and Fitness Goals
  • SCHEDULE: Select the days of the week that you would like delivery
  • DELIVERY: Delivered daily by 6am to your doorstep

Sample Menu

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Fitness & Performance Menu

Program Details
The Premium Menu has a creative flavor profile with artisanal and innovative ingredients allowing the highest levels of customization available.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 4 Snacks, Dessert
Menu Flavor Profile
Creative Culinary Ingredients
Menu Variety
6 Week Rotation
2000 – 2200 calories per day
Protein Customization
Select up to 5 Proteins to omit from your menu
Non-Protein Customization
Select up to 5 Non-Proteins to omit from your menu
Fitness & Performance Pricing
14 Day Program Price
20 Day Program Price
30 Day Program Price
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*Delivery Charges Apply – $3 per day

“I’m a health-nut. I workout everyday and I don’t believe in days off. Meals are the most important part of any fitness program. However, work and a planned kitchen remodel gave me the opportunity to try prepared meals out. I researched and found Freshology to be the perfect balance of portion size and protein-to-carb ratio that I prefer for myself. I’m not looking to lose weight but rather fuel my body. I’m only on week one so stay tuned to more postings as we continue. The product did show up on-time and the meals were better than I was expecting and certainly better than what I would have prepared myself. Live shredded and eat right.. more to come.”

-Chris G.

Additional Information

Freshology created the Fitness and Performance Program for those committed to health, fitness and training. Our menu is designed to build muscle, reduce fat, and sustain your energy throughout the day. Each meal is packaged to easily take to the office, gym, or simply enjoy at home. Skip counting and measuring – fuel your body with clean, gourmet meals delivered right to your door.

To get maximum results from the Fitness and Performance Program, we suggest that you enjoy the meals 7 days a week, drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, and incorporate a fitness regimen to enhance your results.