Healthy Gourmet

Enjoy the convenience of portion-controlled meals that have been prepared just for you with only premium ingredients and your nutritional goals in mind. The Healthy Gourmet program was developed with a focus on healthy living, convenience, and long term weight management.

  • GOAL: Healthy Living, Convenience, and Weight Management
  • SPECIALTY: Nutritionally balanced gourmet menu for a healthy lifestyle
  • SCHEDULE: Select days of the week that you would like delivery
  • DELIVERY: Delivered daily by 6am to your doorstep

Sample Premium Menu

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Healthy Gourmet Menu Options

Premium Menu Classic Menu
The Premium Menu has a creative flavor profile with artisanal and innovative ingredients allowing the highest levels of customization available. The Classic Menu has a traditional flavor profile with seasonal ingredients allowing you to customize your meals by meat and seafood proteins only.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Dessert Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
Menu Flavor Profile
Creative Culinary Ingredients Classic Ingredients
Menu Variety
6 Week Rotation 4 Week Rotation
Female 1150-1400 / Male 1550-1850 Female 1150-1400 / Male 1550-1850
Protein Customization
Select up to 5 Proteins to omit from your menu Select up to 5 Proteins to omit from your menu
Non-Protein Customization
Select up to 5 Non-Proteins to omit from your menu N/A
Premium Menu Pricing Classic Menu Pricing
14 Day Program Price 14 Day Program Price
$54.95/DAY $44.95/DAY
20 Day Program Price 20 Day Program Price
$52.95/DAY $42.95/DAY
30 Day Program Price 30 Day Program Price
$49.95/DAY $39.95/DAY
Order Now Order Now
*Delivery Charges Apply – $3 per day

“I love Freshology and I’ve been a customer for many years with a few breaks here and there. They provide gourmet food and they do a wonderful job making healthy and light food taste delicious and feel filling. They bring us braised short-rib stew, rocky road bar desserts, breakfast burritos and pancakes, sausage and pepper on toast and other tasty delights very reliably every single day. All of it is calorie-portioned for my needs and my husband’s needs, and It’s the most painless, healthy way to lose weight that I’ve ever found. Some of the desserts really seem impossibly rich to be part of a low-calorie plan. There are so many different meals that there’s no repeat for months…”

-Laura D.

Additional Information

The Healthy Gourmet Program is the perfect option for clients who want to enjoy healthy meals, flexible scheduling, and the convenience of daily delivery. No grocery shopping or meal preparation necessary – we take care of all the details for you so that you can enjoy more free time.